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Total life cycle management.

Preventative and corrective maintenance and refit for railways and public transportation vehicles.

Overhauling of industrial equipment.

Relocation of manufacturing sites with equipment installations and commissioning.

Siecab owns significant expertise and resources for services and refit in the following sectors:

Railways and public transportation vehicles

  • Preventative and corrective electro-mechanical maintenance and refit for railways vehicles at customer’s facilities, including vehicles commissioning, whose technical skills meet the specific requirements of the decree ANSF n°4/2012 and the COCS30 certification program.
  • Preventative and corrective electro-mechanical maintenance and refit for public transportation vehicles (bus and tram), in house and at customers’ facilities, including vehicles commissioning.
  • Revamping of railway and public transportation (bus and tram) vehicles, for structural, technical and fitting upgrades:
    - Complete re-build of electrical system
    - Post-implementation of ethernet connections and related devices
    - Post-implementation of audio/video connections and related devices

Industrial services

  • Overhauling and rebuild of a wide variety of systems, machinery and equipment
  • Revamping for the safety upgrade of equipment and automated systems for industrial production, according to the applicable laws and regulations (CE mark)
  • Relocation of manufacturing facilities, including transfer of machinery and equipment and their installation and commissioning.

industrial service refit