• UNDERFRAME DUCT: Cutting, assembling and cabling of high, medium and low voltage devices into underframe duct. This product is for power distribution to the most important devices like converters, motors and inverter.
  • INTERNAL LOOM HARNESSES: Cutting, assembling and cabling of medium, low voltage and electronical harnesses. Use of electrical boards in 1:1 scale. This product is for low voltage and electronical distribution into cars (signal distribution, light, air condition, power supply and monitor), to cabin (driver desk zone) and roof (pantograph).
  • ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICAL CUBICLE: Production of electrical and electronical cubicles for the internal distribution of the power and data. This product is automatically tested. Routine tests like continuity, dielectric, insulation and functionally test are our standard.
  • DRIVER DESK: Cutting, pipe assembling and cabling of low voltage and electronical connectors of the driver desk in cabin. This product is the main interface of the engine driver with the electrical system and the devices in the cabin.
  • JUMPER: Production of the jumper between cars from Ethernet transmission to high voltage tension.
  • JUNCTION BOX: Production and testing of the junction box with terminal boards for the distribution of the power between cars in the under frame.