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Orbiter - the game changer among CNC pick-up turning centers.

Vertical spindle driven by an orbital axis for superior precision.

3 working stations within the same machine.

Unique features in terms of flexibility, productivity, compactness and ergonomics.

Orbiter is a patented CNC turning center with a vertical pick-up spindle, rotating on orbital axis in order to operate in three different working areas, within the same machine.

Thanks to its unique features, Orbiter is the "game changer" in terms of flexibility and productivity within the global offer of advanced pick-up lathes.

The extreme precision and repeatability of Orbiter allow turning, milling and finishing operations by grinding wheels and disk dressers and also hard turning with CBN tools.

The load-unload station is fully accessible for an easy manual or automated loading-unloading and it may be customized to any layout.

Orbiter may be equipped with a wide range of accessories (to be mounted on the upper drum or in each working area) for: drilling, tapping, bushings insertion and teething for gears up to module 3. It is the only Pick-up lathe that may be equipped with a counter headstock for machining in 3rd working station, avoiding a dual-spindle machine and avoiding an intermediate rotating unit for the part.

Major strengths
  • Three times working area thanks to curved orbital axis (X), compared to linear axis, with more room for tools racks
  • No thermal drift, high acceleration and no vibration are the advantages of orbital vs. linear axis
  • 270° accessibility to the machine front allows an easy manual and automatic loading
  • Soft and Hard turning, high Kv.
  • Multiple accessories for drilling, milling, grinding and teething for gears up to module 3
  • Counter headstock for dual operations on the same machine without an additional rotating units of the part
  • on board measurement of the part
  • Control panel on rotating arm for 270° accessibility